Sep. 5th, 2002

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-Talked to the ex-husband. His accident settlement came through sooner than expected so he bought a new car and is due here in 2WEEKS! He wanted to know if I knew anyone he could stay with. Um... yeah. I can just see it: "Honey? Can my ex-husband sleep on our couch? He still likes me. But that shouldn't be a problem, right?"

-My little boy started kindergarten today. I've been kind of misty eyed off and on all day over it. Why is your kid's first day of kindergarten so traumatic for the mother? I can't believe he took a school bus home. Ack. And he's enrolled at the same school I went to for kindergarten. Ack. I hope he doesn't turn out like me. I was such a lonely miserable child. Going to school was traumatic from day one. Luckily he's a bit more charismatic than I was at that age and bigger too. (Here's to mating with tall men!)

-Dyed my hair. Didn't turn out as pink as I was hoping. It's a very dark fuchsia with black streaks. It's almost socially acceptable. I feel much sexier with borderline socially acceptable hair color.

-Got a giant bag of give-away clothes. Most of them in my size and many of them rather gothy. SCORE!! I wish people would give my their clothes more often. Then I'd never have to shop.

-Went to the Vogue tonight around 12:45. Did a bunch of angry divorcee dancing despite the late start. Music did not fail me. Was annoyed at large bald man wearing a white t-shirt that was dancing in my fucking space. Had to move to platform briefly. I remember a conversation I had with [ profile] thogs_travels once:

RQ: What are all these people doing on MY dance floor? Don't they know who I am?
Thog: Unfortunately.... yes. They do know who you are.


-Workout partner is going out of town this weekend to go camping and play with firearms. I would go but the fact that everyone there will pretty much be playing with firearms strikes me a somewhat rattling. (I am reminded of hearing a crackhouse shootout a few blocks away from where I was staying once in the suburbs of beautiful Everett, WA. OOps. I mean EVER-ROT the town I grew up in {pity me}) Ack. I also don't believe I can trust myself around loaded weapons. I make my workout partner lock his up so I can't get to them. Others can carry or own them if they like. I won't deny anyone. I just personally shouldn't have one. So I found a place I can crash in Seattle so I won't be stuck not being able to go out in Renton. It's kind of weird though, the idea that I'll be workout partnerless for a couple of days. Unchaperoned..... I'll do my best to behave.

Ack. I didn't realize it was after 5am. I was going to try to stop fucking up sleep schedule. Oh well. I'll try again tomorrow.

I should get off the computer so as to have a chance at getting fed and fucked before we're both too tired.
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My LJ photo is not me as someone inquired. It is a picture of Jeanette Lee . But I'm still a hot chick that plays pool. I'm just not Asian. Or a professional.... yet.
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Adopt your own useless blob!

Thinking about going to Pho Bang tonight at the Re-Bar. My friends have been going for a while now. Insane drag queens and politically incorrect humor may be just what I need. Plus I met Jackie Hell recently when s/he was completely blotto in a karaoke bar.


Going to Rocky this weekend. Will need to find a ride as workout partner will be off making loud noises in the woods. He's lucky to be getting out of town as I can feel the beginnings of PMS and a case of the "I Need Space" syndrome. Two days without him should clear that right up. Especially since it's getting kind of cold at night again.

I think I'll name my useless blob Mortimer.

Thank god for useless blobs.


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