Oct. 5th, 2002

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What (non drugstore) Makeup Brand Are You?

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You know, my most favorite eye shadow ever was called Midnight Cowboy from Urban Decay. I used to never ever care about makeup until oddly enough about a couple of years after my ex-husband said, "I curse you with a make up fetish!"

I was so anti-makeup then. I had no clue how to use the stuff. I wore fuck-me-red lipstick and a little cover up on my zits and that was it and only if I was going to work at ye olde strip club.

I'm not sure what happened. I have 2 boxes full now. I can recreate any make up picture I see provided I have the right stuff. I blend, I experiment, I use every color imaginable. It brings me joy to change my look with the flick of an eye pencil. I'd actually love to do other people's makeup too.

Oddly enough I still find my makeup facination a bit embarrassing because it's about the girliest thing I do. I'm not normally one for shopping and gossip and trips to the nail salon, but I fucking love makeup.

If I was born male I'd be such a drag queen.
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wild woman

You Are a Wild Woman!

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The Sisters of Mercy!
I am oh so uber goth. No, scratch that, executive goth of the eighties. I am someone who does not stick to one particular way of life; I will try to integrate them all to make my own little hybrid. Thus I am a very creative person more than likely I will always be making something, or thinking of doing it. I can appear to be a very gloomy and arrogant person from the outside but get to know me and you'll probably discover that I'm just like everyone else, I have my little personas for the world to see.
Which 80s band are you?
Test created by Sambam of blackeyed.net/tristessa

The Sisters of Mercy made up a good portion of my exotic dance repertoire when I was new in the business. Under the Gun I embarrassingly cried to on repeat during a particularly nasty breakup. I think it was more productive than the time I listened to the Cure's Disintegration album on shuffle repeat over and over and over again for hours while numbly playing solitare on the rug.
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Yes. A good ass fucking puts everything into perspective. Jars you into reality. Makes you get in touch with yourself.

I'm fairly certain my workout partner will be happy to oblige. It's been a while since I requested it. Just plow me into submission. Cause me to make those deep throaty growls that only come from deep anal penetration.

I love my workout partner. Not only is he intelligent, kind, giving, handsome, funny, and patient, he can deliver a first rate anal pounding.

Ain't love grand?
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