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Birthdate:Nov 29
Hi. If you're on my friends list that means you don't suck. Or at least you don't suck too much. Or maybe you suck a lot, but I accept and admire that about you. I hate writing mini-biographies. I like like writing big wordy ones. I guess that makes me a size queen. They say it's not the size of the biography, but what's contained therein. That's a big lie. It's all about using a lot of filler. This is filler. This journal contains language and subject matter not suitable for those under 18. The previous sentence is called, "covering your ass". Sometimes I'm brilliant. Sometimes I'm just whiny. I wear glasses, not just because they're sexy but because if I don't I get headaches, look at people weird, and have no depth perception. Actually, I tend to look at people weird anyway. My acne brings all the boys to the yard. I'll probably rewrite this later. No, I don't know how to post pictures in my live journal. If you don't quit asking, I'll figure it out and post nothing but pictures of my dog along with cute little quizzes and memes. My LJ is friends only. Deal with it.

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