Aug. 19th, 2002

I knew it.

Aug. 19th, 2002 02:11 am
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i am extremely intelligent and very wise. i think logically and rhetorically in order to get problems solved. if i'm not mad now, i'm getting very close.

how mad are you?

this quiz was made by piksy

Yeah, 79% mad. I'm okay with that.
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My neck is freakin killing me. Just popped pamprin. Will have to dig up the ibuprofen.

Job interview was very long made only slightly longer by the fact that I went to the wrong store. There are two Fred Meyers in Renton. I know this now. I had to take one of those bubble tests. Lots and lots of questions, some of them offensive like, "What percentage of your friends and aquaintances have driven drunk?" or "Used illegal drugs?" or "commited a violent crime?" or "stolen money?" or "abused alcohol?" I of course did not tell the truth. As far as friends and aquaintances that have used illegal drugs/abused alcohol well, I hang out in 12-step meetings every night. Go figure.

Some basic math and vocabulary questions, a customer service video with accompanying questions and a one-on-one interview.

They'll let me know in 2 weeks.

I'm thinkin if I don't hear back from them or get any more interviews in 2 weeks, I'll just dye my hair deadly nightshade again and seek out more creative endeavors besides the working world.

I'm getting more and more compliments on my singing voice. An older drunken gay man from Hawaii who claimed to be a retired singing coach followed myself and my friends out of the Seawolf tonight and went on and on about it. He also told me to raise my eyebrows when I went for high notes and I'd nail them. He told all my friends not to let me forget to raise my eyebrows. As they looked at me with satanic grins on their faces and their eyebrows raised, I knew they wouldn't. My friend Mr RIIIIIght said, "No matter how much you may want to forget it, we will never ever let you."

I don't know. I'd at least like a musical side project or something.

Possible alternative ways of making money:

-Getting paid to sing. (Chances slim. Industry tough.)
-Pool Tournaments (Competition Fierce. Game currently suffering from lack of confidence. Improve game. Become hustler. Take advandtage of drunks.) Enter tournaments for fun.)
-Wet T-Shirt contests. (Okay I'm kidding. Mostly. Although some waitress at Hooters invited me to enter a bikini contest because I was "so pretty". I thought she was "so pretty" A hot wing experience is not complete without a curvy Pacific Islander waitress. Bellevue Hooters is so much hotter than Seattle Hooters. I'm on a tangent. I bear the marks of motherhood so I only wear bikinis in good lighting.)
-Various dancing contests. (Although no one in this town would buy that I was an amateur. There isn't a club around I don't know someone at. Stupid Stupid Seattle Sex Industry. I heard there were some cage dancing contests around at actual dance clubs though.)
-Starting own business of some sort. (Another highly improbable success rate)

Job searches piss me off.

I heard that if you do what you love the money will follow. If that follows, I should have money follow me if I sing, dance, have sex and play pool a lot. Wait a minute.....
Where's my money?

Oh, on an unrelated note, are any of the Rocky LJ users in possession of a Columbia hat, jacket, and bowtie that I could borrow for the 8/31 Tacoma show? I would love to make one, especially since I have nothing else to do except pursue creative activities but I do not possess the money for materials. I am aware that Columbias are generally fiercely protective of their gear, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Nothing else is happening right now.

I like cheese.


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