Apr. 10th, 2002

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I can't write anything today.
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Yes, I'm feeling weird. Weird Weird Weird. Did I mention that I was feeling weird? I'm developing an affinity for listening to Skinny Puppy et al. when doing live journal. Why? I don't know. Sometimes I wonder about my previous influences. So anyway, I'm feeling weird. Did I mention that? I need to dance tonight. Badly. No, not dance badly. I just badly need to dance. I am not badly dancing boy. Thank god. If I woke up to find myself trapped in the body of badly dancing boy (BDB) I would just end it. It's drive the car over the cliff time. It's throw myself into the lion cage time. It's rip open all my veins on a giant canvas and call it bleed for art time. It's go get lost in the woods with video equipment and miller light time. It's wear a low cut shirt in Afghanistan time. Yes, If that ever happens to me, It's tell a vicious redneck you're queer time. So anyway, I'm feeling weird. Oh, it's been suggested that perhaps I'm just "slightly off". Ack.


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