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Statistics for the LJ friends list of rockettqween

Out of my friends list...
#of people....
on my friends list:44
recently added(last week):3
I have met face to face:31
Out of state:11
In State that I have not met:2
Out of state that I have met personally:0
that I have chatted online with:3
that I have had sex with:7
that I have known more than 2 years:11
who are men:23
who are women:20
that I have kissed:14
that I would have sex with if they asked:3
that are likely to ask:0
on my list that I have met who have not added me:5 (losers)
that I have known for more than 5 years:7
that have baby sat my son:1
that do or have done rocky horror:12
that I have hung out with somewhere other than the club/rocky/parties:13
that know me very well:1
that I have worked with:1
that I have gotten trashed with:6
that don't drink:5
that have mentioned their love of drinking:6

I will be doing my usual Vogue/Mercury crawl tonight if anyone wants to stalk me. That is if I don't crash out from being up so freaking early.
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