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I'm up frightfully earlier than usual. WP had a phone interview and his cell phone doesn't have very good reception at home so since I was up (due to the music alarm kicking in Prince's Lets Go Crazy at FULL FUCKING VOLUME) I got in the car and tagged along to his parents house where reception is better.

You know, the whole Purple Rain album is one giant mixed bag for me. I've always hated "Let's Go Crazy" since it always seemed that if I was working in a strip club and they had some amateur night/waitress contest one of the contestants was bound to make a mockery of erotic dance to that song. Either that or "Darling Nikki". But "Darling Nikki" is kind of a strip club classic. Fitting somehow. There was one contestant in particular that stands out in my mind as being one of the all time worst waitress contest contestants. She danced to "Lets Go Crazy" while trying to strip out of tight jeans over a pair of combat boots and crawl on the floor and look sexy doing it. It was more like a train wreck.

So every time I hear "Lets Go Crazy" I have this mental picture of Some clueless 18 year old with one of those really short short hair cuts flailing around on the floor of a raised platform, jeans just barely squeezed down to her ankles as she fought to yank them over her boots.

Lets Go Crazy indeed.
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