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So, almost everyone on my friends list with the exception of a small few either didn't post today or they posted quizes/jokes. What does it all mean?

Even I find myself in the post quizzes and jokes and nothing particularly deep mode.

Sweet. It was nice out today. I was able to get iced corporate coffee today.

We lost one of our cats. I'm sorry I ever bitched about having so many animals around. We went to the humane society to report her missing but they're closed on Tuesdays. We'll have to try tomorrow. This was the "misplaced" kitty. The one that originally belonged to one of our roommate's fuck toys that moved to Billings, MT. Couldn't keep the cat. Left it at our house. I liked the outsider kitty. Strangely enough, even though I keep my distance from pets and all things cute, I find myself grieving over the fact that we haven't seen this squeaky little thing in days. I want her back.
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