Oct. 16th, 2002

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I'm up frightfully earlier than usual. WP had a phone interview and his cell phone doesn't have very good reception at home so since I was up (due to the music alarm kicking in Prince's Lets Go Crazy at FULL FUCKING VOLUME) I got in the car and tagged along to his parents house where reception is better.

You know, the whole Purple Rain album is one giant mixed bag for me. I've always hated "Let's Go Crazy" since it always seemed that if I was working in a strip club and they had some amateur night/waitress contest one of the contestants was bound to make a mockery of erotic dance to that song. Either that or "Darling Nikki". But "Darling Nikki" is kind of a strip club classic. Fitting somehow. There was one contestant in particular that stands out in my mind as being one of the all time worst waitress contest contestants. She danced to "Lets Go Crazy" while trying to strip out of tight jeans over a pair of combat boots and crawl on the floor and look sexy doing it. It was more like a train wreck.

So every time I hear "Lets Go Crazy" I have this mental picture of Some clueless 18 year old with one of those really short short hair cuts flailing around on the floor of a raised platform, jeans just barely squeezed down to her ankles as she fought to yank them over her boots.

Lets Go Crazy indeed.
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!@#$%Yahoo Instant !@#$% Messenger.

I was trying to !@#$%install !@#$%Yahoo instant!@#$%messenger and the !@#$%stupid!@#$%Piece of !@#$% Isn't !@#$% working.

!@#$%servers. !@#$%firewalls.

They can !@#$#% my !@#$% those !@#$% pieces of !@#$%.

Oh, and they can also !@#$% my !@#$% tight !@#$%.

And then !@#$% it in the !@#$%#$@!

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I've always enjoyed this little thing brought to you by the goddess Annie Sprinkle...

By Annie Sprinkle

1. Whores have the ability to share their most private, sensitive
bodyparts with total strangers.
2. Whores have access to places that other people don't.
3. Whores challenge sexual mores.
4. Whores are playful.
5. Whores are tough.
6. Whores have careers based on giving pleasure.
7. Whores are creative.
8. Whore are adventurous and dare to live dangerously.
9. Whores teach people how to be better lovers.
10. Whores are multicultural and multigendered.
11. Whores give excellent advice and help people with their personal problems.
12. Whores have fun.
13. Whores wear exciting clothes.
14. Whores have patience and tolerance for people that other people could
never manage to put up with.
15. Whores make lonely people less lonely.
16. Whores are independent.
17. Whores teach people how to have safer sex.
18. Whores are a tradition.
19. Whores are hip.
20. Whores have a good sense of humor.
21. Whores relieve millions of people of unwanted stress and tension.
22. Whores heal.
23. Whores endure despite of the fact that many people have prejudice against
24. Whores make good money.
25. Whores always have a job.
26. Whores are sexy and erotic.
27. Whores have special talents that other people don't have. Not everyone has
what it takes to be a whore.
28. Whores are interesting people with lots of exciting life stories.
29. Whores get laid a lot.
30. Whores help people explore their sexual desires.
31. Whores explore their own sexual desires.
32. Whores are not afraid of sex.
33. Whores hustle.
34. Whores sparkle.
35. Whores are entertaining.
36. Whores have the guts to wear very big wigs.
37. Whores are not ashamed to be naked.
38. Whores help the handicapped.
39. Whores make their own hours.
40. Whores are rebelling against the absurd, patriarchal, sex-negative
laws against their profession and
fighting for the legal right to receive financial compensation for
their valuable work.
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Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

What the !@#$% is wrong with !@#$% live !@#%$ journal today?

How many !@#$% times do I have to !@#@$%$ hit the ~!@#$%$ re!@#@$%$fresh button?

At least I think I got !@#$% Yahoo !@#$%$# Instant !@##@@$ messenger working. The piece of !@#$%^ shit.

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Which Buffy Musical Song Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is beginning to invade my life.

I'm not okay with this.

Going to animal shelters looking for lost cats is depressing.

Wandering around random office building whistling "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik" is very very satisfying.

Reading books on top of parked SUV's in parking lots of random office buildings in the sun is also very satisfying.

I'm going to the club tonight if anyone wants to stalk me.

That is all.
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