Sep. 29th, 2002

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I trimmed a couple people from my friends list. They did the same immediately afterwards so if you're reading this on your friends entries, don't worry, you haven't been axed. I just realized there were a couple of journals I spent more time skimming and skipping rather than reading. Why? I don't know. Maybe they were interesting to me for a while and then not. I don't know. I'm not sure what the ettiquette for said thing is. It was nothing personal. I have quite a few people on my friends list and sometimes I get overwhelmed catching up if I've been away from the computer for a few days. Oddly enough both of them responded to a few of my entries on the same day I cut them from my list.

The people on my list are an odd mix of demented, deranged, people I both know and don't know. I guess it's time for an inventory.

[ profile] allah_sulu (Allah Sulu) got this one off the rocky horror community page when he responded to a comment I made to some girl about whether or not she should show up sick to play in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've done Rocky in all kinds of altered states and apparently so has he. He gets the award for most comments left in my LJ.

[ profile] anchita (Anchita) no idea where she came from but was one of the first people to add me to their friends list. Also has offspring. Seems to have a lot of heart and more than her share of shit.

[ profile] bobhadbitchtits (From Behind the Meat Curtains) Known him for about, oh, I don't know 5(?) years. Still hasn't added me to his friends list (loser) but he did send me an email introducing himself and inquiring if I'd like to chat on Yahoo. I of course had to respond telling him who I was and he felt dumb. Acctually saw him tonight. He gives killer massages, good hugs, tells crass jokes, sings good karaoke (yes, it's possible), and has been known to say, "Have you ever seen a really hot chick out at the club and then you realize, oh, it's just [insert my real name here]. I once shared a futon with him when we were both couch surfing leading to numerous jokes about us "sleeping together".

[profile] bratling_pixie ( voice sprinkled with emotion) Damn dirty Rocky Geek. Always appears positive and fun loving even if that's not the case. Is loaning me gold butt shorts next weekend.

[ profile] caterpillergirl (Queen of Tarts) I'm just now getting to know her and now she's moving to California. Another sexy woman departs Seattle. (sigh...) She kicked my ass at pool on Wednesday.

[ profile] coalblacksmith (Last Face Outta Town.... Better Get on It) Helped me get clean and sober a few years back oddly enough by hitting on me and annoying me one night. Has since been a 12-step sponsor off and on to me as well as a friend. Feels kind of like a sibling, really. Now if only he'd stop asking for cigarettes....

[ profile] crowriff (St. Patrick) another Damn Dirty Rocky Geek. I went to some show at the Phoenix with him once and can't for the life of me remember what one. All I remember was I was drunk. Was there to dole out painful birthday spankings one year. Haven't hung out in probably too long.

[ profile] cryfordawn (shiny, red, candylike goddess) Another damn dirty Rocky Geek. For a while we kept dating the same guys. I'm glad that's over with. Am still trying to figure this girl out. Have known peripherally for years.

[ profile] devi (goddess of tension) Another one I haven't seen in quite a while. Very very sparkly. Another Damn Dirty Rocky Geek. Body modification queen.

[ profile] djeternaldarkne (Eternal Darkness) DJ at the vogue. Had an irrational fear of making requests of him for the longest time until one night I was totally wasted and decided to do it anyway. To my surprise he plays them. Don't know what I was tripping on...

[ profile] elegant_machine (Stranger) used to joke about being my mistress. Still hasn't added me to his friends list (loser). General attitude: hair on fire. Amusing.

[ profile] endorphan (Your Friendly Neighborhood Orphan) An Ex-Damn Dirty Rocky Geek. We go way back. Fucker. (I mean that lovingly)

[ profile] gecko2k (Lizard Made In China) Another Damn Dirty Rocky Geek. Played Brad to my pregnant Janet many years ago. Mixes some freaky drinks. Can deep throat a banana better than anybody I know.

[ profile] geekalpha (Geek God-King) One of my best friends probably. The man who does the "Raging Dork Dance" and has three frickin cats. Popular with the ladies. One to call when life gets crazy. I kind of miss when he was unemployed and we stayed up til 8am drinking tea and talking about all kinds of shit.

[ profile] haate (Booth Gargoyle) stolen from cryfordawn's friends list. Just recently figured out who the other one was. Perhaps will speak more in club now.

[ profile] iamwells (Wells) stolen from coalblacksmith's friends list due to common theatrical interest. Writes intelligently and I'm always pleased at the occasional comment left in my lj.

[ profile] innercurtain (Prayer Machine) No clue how this one found me either or even what sex they are. LJ entries usually consist of a piece of artwork and a bit of an article on everything from orgasm to surviving in prison. Definitely a change from the typical lj.

[ profile] izador (Louis) Also called "The Maestro" in the Mercury Pool room. Great player and interesting person. Miss seeing him out lately.

[ profile] jeanlikover (jeanlikover) Picked me off an interest list (really high heels) Used to hold the title of most comments left in my lj until alla sulu came along. Also one of the first people to add me to their friends list (I think I'd had my LJ like a week or something) Is currently pursuing getting in shape and writing porn. Rock on!

[ profile] killer_queen__ (Queen of the playground) Beautiful drag queen. Another Damn Dirty Rocky Geek. Met a party one night post show. Seemed to take a liking to me after that enough to invite me to his wedding. We keep saying we're going to call each other and never do. Another one I haven't seen out in a while.

[ profile] lawst (Lawst) stolen from Thog's Travels. Went back and forth on a comment about algebra in Thog's journal. Started reading her journal to find a complex and interesting character. Shows a lot of strength in her posts.

[ profile] lectar (That Guy that Dresses Like a Monkey) My best memory of lectar is 4 or 5 years ago, at a party, standing at attention, with a pair of chocolate coated panties shoved in his mouth, the new undisputed champion of Donut Luge! Another Damn Dirty Rocky Geek.

[ profile] misslaurapalmer (Misslaurapalmer) Stolen from cryfordawn mainly because I used to be a twin peaks junkie, her birthday is one day before mine, she's a freakin' Rocky Geek and has obsessed admirers like me.

[ profile] monsignor (Monsignor) A member of the "Who the Fuck Is That(?!) Club" For years I wondered who the freak at the club dressed like a priest wearing sunglasses was and recently dialogue began. We'll see what happens...

[ profile] motel666 (Sarah-Katherine) We worked together at a job that was on the way to warping me permanently until I got fired. She's the only one I miss working with.

[ profile] nalidoll (Nali) Stolen from Anchita. I found it interesting to read about someone who is starting in an industry I spent a lot of time with with an ex she's still trying to get along with and a little one to boot. It brings back such memories.

[ profile] normal_c (Christian) LIZARD RUN!!!!! Met him freshly moved to Seattle on the same day I'd bought my boots of death and gotten hair extentions about 2 and a half years ago. Dances like a maniac. Very sweet.

[ profile] pretty_kitty (Jenn the Giant Miniature Space Kitty) Stolen from bobhadbitchtits because her journal makes me laugh and because anyone bobhadbitchtits knows, has to be interesting.

[ profile] purplkandigrrrl (Bitter Princess) Got to know her better when Suicide Boy took a liking to her because of her "crazy eyes" before he moved to Miami. Luckily it didn't put a damper on how we related. The Magic Speculum loves her very much.

[ profile] savannarama (Mad Commentary Capitulation Skillz) She hates it when people identify her with her amazing breasts so I won't mention them here. I've known her since about 1994. Yikes. She babysat my kid when he was very little which chokes me up a little. She squeals very loud.

[ profile] sikfuk (bloodengel) Snuggly Damn Dirty Rocky Geek. I remember vaguely talking about something deep in a hotel hallway at some sci-fi convention a few years back but I can't for the life of me remember what.

[ profile] spygirle (Elana) One of the prettiest girls in glasses I know. She always kind of makes me smile. You wouldn't think to look at her that inside beats the heart of a twisted little punk rock chick.

[ profile] tanzplag (The Future's Uncertain) stolen from Coalblacksmith's friends list starting with an entry listing two different articles, each with a different viewpoint that were probably both right. I had to smile at the world view, it was somewhat familiar. Has a way of talking about life that makes you want to read more.

[ profile] tatustev (Tatustev) He doesn't read my journal but that's okay. Twisted little man with an Irish accent. Once had dinner with him and coalblacksmith where he talked about impulse buying a couple of giant hissing cockroaches that got out of their cage and were now running around his "flat". He leaned over to me and said, "I can't tell you why I bought them really, it's just they were 99 cents." He has been voted most dangerous conversation to walk in on in seattle.

[ profile] thedivas (The Divas) The other prettiest girl in glasses that I know. I just want to curl up on her lap sometimes. I want a punk rock boy to sing love songs to her whenever she wants it.

[ profile] thehivemind (Spygirle and the Divas) Conglomeration of well, Spygirle and Thedivas.

[ profile] thogs_travels (Thog) Thog good. Thog offer me axe at club tonight. Thog inspire me to talk like neanderthal. Thog very tall. Thog good friend of geekalpha. Perhaps Rocket Queen get to know Thog better over time.

[ profile] tinrow (Tinrow) Found me on a random search. I relate to a lot of what she writes about.

[ profile] tyler1968 (Tyler) Describes himself as a songwriter trapped in the body of a middle management Overlord. I'm guessing he adopted me from alla sulu's friends list. Latest addition to this crazy band of miscreants.

Whew. I'm so sick of typing now.


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