Sep. 24th, 2002

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Which Living Dead Doll Are You?
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How Emotional Are You?

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I am Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
Which Rocky Horror Picture Show Character Are You?
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I've been listening to way too much Tori Amos.

Tori's Anus.

This week has totally sucked.

Hence I listen to way too much Tori Amos.

Am busy downloading much Leonard Cohen.

For my next phase of insanity.


Sep. 24th, 2002 01:44 am
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I had to change my LJ photo as too many people don't recognize Jeanette Lee and thought that was actually a picture of me.

Now if anybody thinks I'm Marlene Dietrich, they're just lame.
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This week has been bittersweet and terrible. Naughty and nice. Enlightening and terrifying. Something sleeping has woken up. Time to go and time to stay. If this week were an illness, I'd be puking my guts out after sticking a finger down my throat.
I guess that means it'd be bulimia.

I am Jack's broken heart and raging hormones.

I want to nail Tori Amos to a St. Andrew's Cross right now. I don't know why.
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Why is it whenever I do a random search I get either teenagers or Russians?
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Now I want to give Tori Amos thirty lashes with a single tail while she's nailed to the St. Andrew's Cross with a good deal of electrical tape randomly placed on her quivering naked body.
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I'm beginnig to hate myself as well as live journal.
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