Sep. 20th, 2002

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Your Secret Fetish Is Exhibitionism!

Sex for you is an adventure ... one which you want the whole world to see.

Closed curtains and dark rooms don't do it for you.

You rather be getting it on in a public bathroom, park, or club.

Just don't let your love juices fly and hit someone in the eye.

What's *Your* Secret Fetish? Click Here to Find Out!

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heather graham

Your Inner Blonde is Heather Graham

Reported to be dumb as rollerskates and very willing to show your boobs!

While you've gotten some killer parts Rollergirl,

every guy in Hollywood runs away from your head of mush.

Who's *Your* Inner Dumb Blonde? Click Here to Find Out!

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So, there's a bunch of heartwrenching stuff going on but I'll just skip to....

Have you ever sat around and set up deathmatches between all the people you know? I was doing this earlier with workout partner which squeezed a bit of comic relief into our heartwrenching conversation.

Here's a few matches for those of you that know them. Oh by the way? Does robitussin cause heart palpitations? I just took some since I'm suffering from a mysterious illness that came on as soon as my ex-husband got into town and I just got slightly dizzy and felt a little pattering in my chest.


[ profile] geekalpha vs. [ profile] thogs_travels

workout partner vs. ex-husband

The Mentor vs. [ profile] monsignor

[ profile] coalblacksmith vs. [ profile] elegant_machine

[ profile] djeternaldarkne vs. JQ

[ profile] bratlingpixie vs. [ profile] cryfordawn

[ profile] sikfuk vs. [ profile] crowriff

There's more. You get the drift. It's kind of fun to imagine your friends beating each other to bloody pulps sometimes.
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I've been getting progressivly sicker as the week goes on. I feel like my life has been quite disrupted.

And there's no place to take a piss indooors in downtown Seattle at 3am.

Thank god for Lake Union.

I gotta get up early tomorrow for more disruption and a trip to visit the little one.

Okay. The wrenching has moved into the gut.

I left the house today wearing nothing but a robe and an overcoat with shoes. Why? Getting dressed was too hard. Why else does one leave the house wearing only a robe and an overcoat?

4 am. Time for bed.


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