Sep. 18th, 2002

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When I die I want to decompose in a barrel of porter and have it served in all the pubs in Dublin.

~ J. P. Donleavy ~
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I am Jack's extremely heavy period.
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Ack. Avoided the hell out of LJ for a little while lest I write anything too personal before I sorted anything out in my head.

Still don't have anything sorted in my head really.

Mental note: don't neglect reading LJ too long or you will develop eye strain catching up on friend's journals.

Since the crimson tide burst forth on Sunday I've been in a much better mood. Amazing what havoc a little estrogen imbalance can wreak.

Sunday night: after dancing and socializing at the Vogue I somehow wound up having coffee with Workout Partner, recently arrived ex-husband and a third person with whom I'd had an ill-advised one-night stand with approximately seven years ago. They were all getting along. It felt like the twilight zone. There's my ex and my workout partner talking about cars and guns etc. Weird.

I can't remember which literary guy it was that said his definition of heaven would be to sit with all the women he ever loved and to have them all get along with each other.

Ahhh.. A girl can dream.

If all my previous lovers got along, I could throw some fun parties.

Monday: Woke up sick as a dog. Took much benadryl. Watched a couple of people go through the "rebirthing process". It seemed like a lot of work to get to a point I can get to just by focusing on the body and letting shit go in a sort of meditative way. To each his own.

Oh yeah to back track...

Saturday: Rocky Horror in portland. Got stuck playing Rocky. Better than playing nothing at all. It's fun but I always feel ridiculous running around in a gold halter top making faces and posessing nice curves but no.... muscle.

Tuesday: Woke up way too early. Finished reading The Ethical Slut. Finished writing my first step. Got laid. Came hard. Was able to nap. Went to meeting. Went for dinner with [ profile] monsignor. Charming and amusing experience. Bought a quarter pack of Big Red. Went to Spooky Kid night at Mercury. Played pool. Won a total of two games but oddly enough was in good enough mood as to not get mad. Went back to Renton. Ex-husband called freaking out as he caught someone breaking into new car from settlement through the convertible top. Stereo saved but car damaged.

Moral of the story: Never park a BMW Z-3 convertible behind the freaking Blue Moon Tavern. Duh.

Hmmm... have plans to meet up with ex to catch up and go dancing tomorrow. Workout Partner oddly okay with this. Ill advised? Maybe. Am I going to do it anyway? Of course.


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