Sep. 9th, 2002

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Went to karaoke with the damned tonight. I was wearing a three piece suit and a tie and I've come to the conclusion that chicks dig other chicks in suits.

My sinuses are acting up. My microphone performance was mediocre at best. I really only went because Mr. RIIIIIIIIIIght and his girlfriend needed a ride which myself and workout partner were able to provide.

I think I would have rather been at the Vogue dancing in the Cruel Shoes and sneering at people.

Maybe next week.

Stupid Girl

Sep. 9th, 2002 03:46 am
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Any new ephiphanies?

Yes. Many. But I'm not going to share. They're MY ephiphanies damnit! MINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINE!!!!!

You can't have them.

They're mine.

I licked them.

I put a stamp on them.

They're mine.

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Workout Partner came home early from gun nut camping trip because "he was cold." Yeah tough guy, I missed you too. *smooch*

PMS officially started Saturday. Feel free to fear me for the next week. When the moon is full it will be safe to approach me with ridiculous banter. I will be less likely to tear your head off.

Hmmmm... I've been snarling at people all weekend. Plus I'm feeling somewhat ill. My joints have been aching and my hands are periodically hurting like hell, especially in the morning. The mentor thinks it may be rhumatoid arthritis. Apparently when it strikes at my age its genetic. I don't know. Aleve seems to help but I can't take it too often. Naproxen is really fucking harsh on your stomach.

I hope my ex behaves himself when he's in town. He will probably be hanging out in the same places I go. He's great to hang out with when he's not trying to get me to get back together with him or dredging up all the things I did to blow up our relationship (he is of course still claiming some degree of innocence and chalks up our troubles to my alcoholic drug addled madness.)

I want to move back to Capitol Hill.

My neck really fucking hurts.

Someone I used to date who pretends not to know me when we run into each other got married Saturday. That's nice. I'm not sure what I did to warrant the silent treatment but I was drinking quite a bit back then.

I'm generally in a pissy mood. I should have lots to talk about at the Monday night Shadow Self Integration group. (SSIG?)

I feel like change is in the air. It's hanging very heavily and people are doing nutty things.

Hmmm..... I wonder how long that condom has been sitting under the computer.

Ack. My hands are screaming. I wish I had health insurance.


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