Aug. 27th, 2002

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And it shows.
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I haven't felt like doing much dumping of my head contents in the last few days so I've been taking everybody elses friggin online quizzes and posting the friggin online results. As a matter of fact this one charmed me as I was wearing my 3-piece suit today.

What Kind of Dyke Are You?

But anyway, I've just been zoning out, reading everybody else's stuff. Reading friends of friends stuff. Adding interesting people to my little list so I have more interesting stuff to read. I'm dreading getting back into my usual routine.

Spent the weekend consuming time getting ready to go camping and showing up a day later than planned. Missed out on a bunch of stuff and realized that, well.....

Nothing matters when you're sitting in front of a campfire in the middle of nowhere. No cell phone service, no anal roommates, no stinky flailing club drama, no $$ worries, no job interviews, no computer. I almost freaked out when I realized that I was feeling peaceful. I'm just not used to it. I wish we'd made it on Friday. A night of peace of mind was very very good. Plus there's nothing quite like pissing outdoors. Maybe I'm just weird but pissing outdoors makes me happy. The only drawback to the trip was we were too lazy to set up the tent in the dark when we got there so we slept in the jeep. Jeeps should be about 6" longer so as not to put a cramp in one's neck. Recovering still.

Joined a group working on integrating shadow selves and therefore releasing creativity. Fruity, yes. But that is okay. I've been hiding from my new agey side for a little too long. At any rate, it felt good to be around people who are into a lot of things I have no one else to talk to about. Some things you can explain, but aren't necessarily easily understood unless you're experienced with them. Will see how it goes.

Picked up the Bad Girl's Guide to the Party Life. The Bad Girl books are almost mandatory. This is the follow up to The Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road and The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want. Rather amusing.

Does anyone know where to download music online now that audiogalaxy shut down? This song list is getting old.
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What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Fedora.I am a Fedora.

The hat of the adventurous, I am spontaneous and active, perhaps sometimes a little foolishly. Regardless, I always come out alright. What Sort of Hat Are You?

I am so ashamed of myself.

Ten Random Things:
1. Rubber Chicken
3. Watermelons - Eat 5 a day for good health!
5. I like to sing blue velvet.
6. Keep them white panties up. We're in Jimmy Swaggart country now.
7. Server
8. Peanut brittle is not the food of the gods.
9. I want to puke.
10. Love is a many splendored thing.
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I must be really fucking bored.

I Am The Sex Toy:

Knowledge: So I might not be the first sex toy on everyones mind, but lets be honest about where sexual power really comes from.

Find out what sex toy you are.

My workout partner rules. Have I mentioned lately that my workout partner fucking rules? After 6 months I'm crazier about him than I was when I first fell for him. That's never happened before. I thought you were supposed to start resenting your partner and start fighting a lot by now. I'm okay with the way things are. Quite happy really.

Ten reasons I love my workout partner
1. He's really patient
2. He gets along with all my friends
3. He accepts my twisted past
4. He generates much body heat on cold nights
5. He's a wonderful kisser
6. He's talented in many arenas
7. He hasn't tried to change me at all
8. He cooks allergy free meals for me
9. He likes to play pool
10. He's intelligent

There's more reasons, but 10 seemed like a good number

I should go to bed soon or something but I probably won't

I have a million stories I haven't told in a while. I should probably write a few of them down.
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I'm going to kill myself if I do this much longer.

I am addicted to the 12" square god.

My workout partner is in the other room on the other square god.

There is no help available.

I don't know if I can get up out of this chair by myself.

Our roommate hid the playstation. I must live journal now.

I just want to zone out on this damn thing right now. I don't really know why.


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