Aug. 9th, 2002

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Why does LJ keep changing? I don't know if any of my comment replies went through 'cause I was unable to view them and new stuff keeps coming up all the time. Why do they keep screwing with it?
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Will someone please let me know how to post a stupid link?
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probability that rockettqween has masturbated today:15%
rockettqween's lucky number is:-1
rockettqween is most like the color #106fe3:
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The problem with being away from LJ for an extended period of time is catching up. I've now read all the entries from my friends page from the last week. Ow.... My eyes are bleeding.... All is madness..... All is heartache, death, quizzes, poetry, upset, medical problems, club drama updates, not even a good stupid "I like cheese" entry.

I'm thinking my workout partner may be in need of attention. He's behaving as such. I keep telling him to just do what I do when I'm feeling neglected which is "HEY!!! LOOK AT ME!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!" And if that doesn't work I put on black vinyl and say, "HEY!!!! I'M DRESSED LIKE AN EVIL BOND GIRL!!!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!" That always does the trick. Eventually he will grow weary of my unintended blatant disregard and start employing this tactic. However stripping naked and thrusting his cock in my mouth would definitely get my attention better than wearing vinyl or in his case, I think leather would be a much better choice. At any rate, if it has a screen to get sucked into I will become one with it until such time as something pulls me off of it be it another person or the call of nature. This is why I don't watch TV very often. I can't stop by myself. Someone else has to wrestle the remote away from me and I'm paranoid about receiving brain washing rays through episodes of Charmed or something.

I miss the days when all I had was a piece of junk tv with no antenna and a VCR. My roommate's tv and dvd and vcr and ps2 combo is cool in it's own fashion, but I often feel like offing myself if I realize I've just taken hours off my life staring at a screen.

At least with LJ there is some degree of productivity, as venting one's thoughts helps clear the head some.

I really need more intellectual outlets. I can feel my brain cells start to atrophy. I've thought about returning to college just so I can learn stuff. Keep my brain from shrinking. I don't seem to have a prayer on the job front right now as far as finding anything period, let alone something intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

Oh, and sucks ass. They send me job leads that I'm way underqualified for such as "software test lead - Microsoft". Actually I got about 8 leads from Microsoft. All of which I was underqualified for. Especially the one requiring 15+ years related field experience. I can't even figure out simple HTML for chrissakes.

I taught classes in lisp programming and I can't figure out HTML.

I can't drive or ride a bicycle either.

I made a beautiful cut shot combo during a pool game on Tuesday. I missed the straight on side pocket shot.

Simple things baffle me.

I had gluten free pizza for dinner tonight. My workout partner cares enough to cook the wheat-free best. (I'm also really bitchy when I consume allergens. There's some self preservation on his part I think.)

The phrase "workout partner" started out as a joke. I stumbled in to my last paying job with minimal sleep as my current partner had kept me up until the bright light of day making it impossible to be anything but a drooling mass of quivering well-fucked flesh. I was reasonably on time. One of the things I hated about the job was my bosses were really nosy. They wanted to know if the guy that had been dropping me off was my boyfriend. I had just broken up with Suicide Boy 2 weeks prior and backed out of moving to Miami with him and was still considering leaving town except there was this fabulous guy wailing the shit out of me on a nightly basis that I'd had minimal conversation with who was, well, certainly not a boyfriend yet. I didn't know his birthday, his favorite color (wait a minute.... I still don't know his favorite color), what kind of person he was, aspirations, interests, etc. I was tired and sore from the previous nights extracurricular activities. My muscles ached like I'd been doing contortionist push-ups. I snapped, "No. That's not my boyfriend. That's my workout partner."

Months and weeks after he'd probably qualified for "boyfriend" my fear of commitment and the big long 'R' word caused me to continue referring to him as my "workout partner" and since I am loathe to use anyone's real name on LJ including my own, it stuck.

I do appreciate his presence greatly as I discovered that he was much more than a fucking machine (total bonus).

But it all started with an effeminate suicidal customer service junkie living in my apartment and refusing to have sex because "it made him want to die". I figured I'd have one last fling before moving to Miami with him and dumping him there after I got a job in some strip club, saved up money, hung out in Key West for a while and came back home. So what if it sounds harsh.

My one last fling is going on 6 months now.

He just came in to check on me. I have been summoned. I will go now with my favorite snippet o'conversation from last week when I ran into an old friend I was happy to see whom I hadn't spoken to in a while:

Old Friend: It's funny. I had a dream about you the other night.
Rockettqween: Oh really? Was I naked?
OF: As a matter of fact we both were.
RQ: Ah... I'm interested now. What happened?
OF: Well, It was just like the last time you and I were naked. Except this time you came. I woke up feeling very satisfied with myself.

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[ profile] geekalpha requested a link to the sick and wrong Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings . Here it is. Remember to read from left to right and keep in mind this will screw up any further viewings of the Lord of the Rings that everyone (my self and my workout partner included)has run out and bought on DVD.
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Yay. I figured out basic HTML. I swear I figured out some of it before. It's um, on my resume because I was kind of in charge of the start-up from hell's website. I guess it's a good thing nobody's hired me yet. So thank you to [ profile] tanzplag and [ profile] iamwells for the tutorials.

Now back to my usual insanity.

I burned my tongue on gluten free pizza.

I can't taste anything placed directly on the middle of my tongue.

I'm listening to old sellout Ministry. I admit to liking it a bit better than new Ministry.

Waiting for laundry to cook.

Best line heard at a 12-step meeting this week: "I have a hard time believing that a gaseous vertebrate called 'Jesus' is going to intervene on my behalf."

2nd best line heard at a 12-step meeting this week: "I quit going to church because I found A.A. works so much better."

Does singing along with muzak at the grocery store mean you're getting old?

I'm really not that old but the singing along with the muzak at the grocery store concerns me.

Does anyone else harbor secret fantasies to have wild uncontrollable sex in the produce department? Can't you just see the oranges toppling over and rolling around the floor, sweet potatoes scattered, peaches smashed, the sprinkler system on the vegetables spraying on naked flesh, parsley tearing and turning to pulp, hands flailing in the mushrooms?

Maybe it's just me.
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