Jul. 22nd, 2002

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Went out on Friday/Saturday morning to the Merc @ 12:30ish. Saw my good friend, the unsinkable R. Went over to talk to him by the beer bar in the back room with the pool table. My friend is hated far and wide by pandering eunichs everywhere as he can pick up a girl faster than they can think of a bad pick up line AND he has a beautiful girlfriend. One such individual felt the need to "protect" me from my friend by coming up and standing in the middle of our conversation, making eye contact with my friend and asking, "excuse me, have you met her boyfriend?" My friend stopped for a moment, looked at the guy like he'd just stepped in dog shit and said, "Who? That guy standing over there that waved at me? Yeah, I've met her boyfriend and in point of fact, she and I have been friends for like, five years and we were talking so you really didn't need to ask me that question."

The guy then stammered, "um... well... she's very attractive but I was just trying to get a beer and she's in my way."

Dork. Later the moron tried to give me the rest of a package of pez. I refused on the basis that you just do not offer pez to someone unless it's in a dispenser. He told me I was mean. I told him to go away. People are dumb.

About an hour and a half later I was hanging out talking to the Mentor waiting for a game of pool. Another pandering eunich regular, the Knob, noticed us joking around and laughing and leaned over to ask the Mentor if we were sleeping together. He replied that we were just good friends, but the Knob kept insisting that something sexual was happening between us and gave my workout partner a weird look when he came over to bite me on the ass. He apparantly thinks my workout partner and the Mentor are sharing me or something. I offered to pretend it was true but the Mentor said, "You better not touch me or I'll FREAK OUT." It was actually pretty funny.

If the Mentor was about 20 years younger and 6" taller I might of hit on him by now but we all know how it is....

Saturday: Stayed home and watched an episode of the Simpsons followed by Fight Club (again). Ate a Butterfinger. Had sex.

Sunday: Karaoke with the damned. Left the Karaoke bar, experienced a miscommunication with my workout partner which led to us driving around in circles and stopping to talk in the parking lot of the old Deja Vu which was the old Razzmatazz. Worked everything out in a matter of minutes but I realized I had to pee really bad. No close cooperative gas stations so I thought, what the fuck? and told my workout partner to open his door as he was parked next to the wall.

In times of need, who hasn't just peed between the car door, the car and a wall?

So there I was, squatting in the parking lot of a place I onced worked as a naive 18 year old stripper enjoying defiling the pavement and feeling an immense sense of relief when I hear my workout partner say, "um, don't get up too fast. Uh oh... shit."

He got out of the car and walked around it the other way. I stopped what I was doing and stood up. Sure enough my workout partner was now talking to the driver of the police car that had pulled in next to us. I walked over smiling like a cabbage patch doll, bright eyed and vacant and got a lecture about peeing in the parking lot especially in a high prostitution area. He then asked my workout partner what my name was and how he knew me. I got slightly incensed as I hate being talked about in the third person in front of me, cop or not. And I said, "you can always ask ME what my name is."

The cop seemed somewhat amused, assumed I was drunk (I wasn't. I just had to pee.) and told us to go home. I hate being interrupted while taking a piss. I don't care who you are.

If I want to piss in the parking lot of a former strip club that I used to work at, I should be able to, dammit.

Now we wait for laundry to cook.

I have another job interview tomorrow at 3:45. Hopefully it won't suck.


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