Jul. 19th, 2002

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I have cramps.

I am wearing a sexy black Chinese dress.

I had beef curry for dinner.

My workout partner looks especially hot today.

I want candy.

Milky Way bars contain enough wheat flour to seriously screw me up. I did not know this until recently. Now I know where the mood swings, nightmares, and brand new batch of acne surrounding my mouth and chin are coming from.

Gluten kills.

MSG contains gluten.

I hate gluten.

Spelt contains gluten. I also did not realize this until I bought a bag and made cookies and pizza crust and then dealt with crippling suicidal depression and far too many trips to the bathroom to read a novel.

I am detoxing from Playstation 2. My thumbs have been twitching for three days now. Amazingly enough, I'm talking to my workout partner more and sending out more resumes.

Butterfinger bars are wheat/gluten free.

I love Butterfinger bars.

Of all the food allergies I have: Wheat, gluten, gliadin, lactose, lactase, casein, rice, green peppers, msg, numerous medications, and eggs, I think the worst to deal with is wheat/gluten. I want baked goods so bad right now. I want to order pizza. I want to go to a 24 hour restaurant at 3 am and eat chicken fried steak. But the consequences are a huge pain in the ass. Sudden need to keel over and sleep, intestinal mush, muscle tension, migraine, and mood swings from hell. Any number of combinations of the preceding reactions may happen and it's impossible to predict.

I am a big whiner.

I hate being "special".

My mommy told me I was special. Recently. I'm not kidding.


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