Jul. 7th, 2002

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Today was an okay day. Workout Partner drove me up north to visit my offspring. We took him to the park and ran around and rode on the swings. I love swinging on swings. I will swing on them until I am very old. My son wanted to ride the merry-go-round. So did I. We jumped on. My son told everyone to hang on while my workout partner spun it really fast. Before I could get to him, the little one promptly forgot to hold on and did a superman impression off the merry-go-round ending in a face plant in the wood chips. I freaked out. It's rather distressing to watch your kid fly off a merry-go-round into the dirt. Thankfully he was okay. After recovering, he got back on the merry-go-round and remembered to hang on. He probably won't forget that again. He also learned at the park that it's a bad idea to hit mama in the face with a soccer ball. I hope he doesn't forget that one. It hurt.

I think he approves of my workout partner because when it was time to leave because mama had to see people in Seattle my son said to him, "How about you drop her off in Seattle and come back here for a while." I felt so loved.

He also showed me his Star Wars legos which were the same Star Wars legos my workout partner and I were looking at at Target for ourselves. What can I say, my son has good taste.

It's good to see my kid.

Went out to the club. After a bit of acclimating, settled in for a reasonably okay night. Got some good pool games under my belt later in the evening. Embarrassed myself considerably when I looked up from the table to see a guy I used to have a dipshit school-girl type crush on. Hadn't seen him for a while and we recognized each other, he smiled and as I jumped up to go say hello, I knocked over my freshly acquired cherry coke and splattered it all over the floor and anyone in its general vicinity. I hugged him anyway even though he was laughing at me and then a freaked out further and stuttered something about needing to clean up my cherry coke. I bought a new one and attempted to talk to him again but had a difficult time making eye contact and I was beginning to wonder where my newfound speach-impediment was coming from and spent most of the painfully long minute and a half conversation talking to the person next to him until someone came out of the back room to tell me I was up for pool. I figured I'd attempt conversation again after I lost but I believe my subconcious desire to avoid abject humiliation and further stuttering led me to run the table for the next hour. It's funny what your mental state does to your pool game.

I think there are some people you're just meant ot be a dipshit around. Why? Who knows? It's not like I would attempt to date him. I am quite happily ensconsed with my workout partner. There's no danger of anything happening with this guy... Why do I still act like a dipshit?

Do certain impressions never go away?

At least he seemed flattered he still makes me knock shit over when i see him for no fucking reason at all.

What's a late thirties, slightly out of shape, jaded, divorced, cranky Italian New Yorker got over me to cause me to lose coordination and the power of speech?

Oh well, I was both disappointed and relieved to discover he'd left when someone finally took me off the table after I barely blew an 8-ball bank at 3 in the morning.

Went to Renton Shari's with workout partner due to the fact we were both ravenous and consumed yet another bacon burger with grilled onions and no bun (my favorite).

All in all, it was a decent day.


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