Jul. 4th, 2002

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As of late, I've noticed it takes me longer to read other folks live journals than it does to update mine. I feel so deviant reading all the tawdry tales of this and that and who has the clap and who likes cheese and who went to what show and who's heartbroken now and who's doing absolutely nothing right now except zoning out and dumping out their head. It's good to feel naughty. I just don't feel dirty enough these days. I guess I'll just have to roll around in the back yard and watch simulated sex on cable.

I'm sitting inside on the 4th of July listening to fireworks being spewed by the neighborhood. I caught some email a few minutes ago about a barbecue I could have gone to. Oh well. That's what I get for taking a break from checking my email.

My workout partner brought me an otter pop while I was eating dinner and I set it down and forgot about it for a while. I tried to eat it because it still seemed solid. Otter pops leak when they melt.

Moral of the story: Beware anything having to do with an otter.
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Got off my lazy ass. Went out to the front porch. Saw some fireworks. They died down. Came inside saw fireworks on big screen tv. They're over. It's 10:38 pm. People in Washington just don't know how to party. I'm tellin ya. There's a few going off I can see from the window. Off in the distance of Renton. Ahh... Dont'cha just feel so patriotic.
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New stuff happening to me:

-Brand spankin' new Rocket Queen endorsed red plastic uber-geek girl glasses. I've been without glasses for over 6 months until yesterday. My eyes are bugging out now. After 2 hours at lens crafters trying on all "affordable" frames I placed a pair on my face and exclaimed "Wow. I look like that girl that built bombs in high school that you always wanted to talk to but wouldn't because everyone would make fun of you. I think I like them."

-Found out my ex-husband is coming to town in a couple of months for a couple of weeks. Much hilarity ensued.

-Finished up the Two Towers. Was running around talking like Gollum annoying workout partner who informed me that my silver tear drop ring is not the one ring to rule them all. I pouted.

-Watched the movie Heat with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Good fucking movie. Al Pacino sure is hot for an older guy. I fucked Al Pacino in my head while watching the movie and a little bit afterwards.

-I've been craving potato chips for many days now. Hoping it will pass but if it doesn't in a few hours I am going to 7-11.

-Our roommates are out of town so to celebrate we are leaving stuff all over the living room, not picking up after ourselves, and having very noisy workout sessions.

-Hanging out in 12-step meetings again drinking free coffee and listening to folks pour their hearts out and talk about Gawd and occasionally say something instructive as I sit back and attempt to put my crazy life in perspective.

-Feeling the job-hunt may be futile, I consider trade school.

That's about it. I'm going to play pool now.


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