Jun. 25th, 2002

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I'm feeling better now. I just sent out a bunch of resumes and cover letters. At least I did something. I wish it wasn't Monday today. Officially it's Tuesday but, you know. I'm still kind of aggravated and I'm not sure how to blow off steam at 12:30 when the club is closed for the sabbath and your roommates get up early to do that work thing. No screaming. No thrashing. No Angry Divorcee Dance. I'm half blind from staring at a computer screen for the last couple of hours. Blah. I have nothing entertaining to say at the moment. I think I might need a good hard fuck. I'm pretty sure my workout partner will oblige. I would like to have a job simply for the mere fact that humans need 40 hours a week of filler. I am beginning to firmly believe that. I am low on filler. An unfed mind feeds on itself and I'm going a little batty from not being active. I could read or sit in front of a computer or play video games or sleep but I'm used to moving around a hell of a lot more than that. I sit too long I can feel the thighs lose muscle tone and slowly spread outwards in search of the "saddle-bag effect" If I keep this up I will experience Terminal White Girl Ass. Okay. I've got a ways to go, but the Mountain Dew Slurpee and the Starbucks coffee have left me addling for something to do. One of the drawbacks of living in Renton on a Monday night. Hell, Capitol Hill on a Monday night. Suck.

But on a lighter note, I turned on the radiio at about 5 o'clock today and the DJ was saying to sit back and relax cause it's Monday and you've probably had a hard day at work today. I of course had to chuckle at the fact that I haven't had a hard day at work in over a month now. Plusses and minuses to everything.


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