Jun. 23rd, 2002

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Overcame anti-social tendencies of late to go out to the club tonight around 2ish. Picking the late time as to avoid the ass-weasels who would leave because alcohol was about to stop being served. I was pleased to see an older friend of mine (who, because I am loathe to use anyone's real name on LJ I'll just call The Mentor because a good deal of good advice and pool instruction has come from this person) there. He was quite a bit tipsy and in good spirits and inserted himself into a conversation I was having with my workout partner in which I was overanalyzing a comment and a look just to be a pain in the ass and he told me not to read too much into it and I said, "but you know I do that, It's part of my charm." At which point the mentor said, "Yes, it is part of your charm: You give credit where little is due. At least that explains your last boyfriend." I had to laugh. He had a point. I love my friends.
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I indulged in the slurpee experience today. My teeth hurt.

My favorite line of last night:

"I'm an information junkie, I can't get enough. I don't like the news, but I watch television, read magazines, books, listen to talk radio. I perform cunnilingus while wearing headphones."

These are my friends. I claim them.


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