Jun. 5th, 2002

Hated It!!

Jun. 5th, 2002 04:06 pm
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Just went to a hearing about my offspring. I would have rather had a root canal, a pap smear and a rectal exam all at the same time. (Actually that sounds kind of like weird twisted kinky fun.) Things are progressing as best as they can I guess. Still kinda makes me wanna break stuff. At least I had someone to go with me and I brought my book so I could ignore the flourescent lights and bad fashion and go hide in Tolkein. Bloody orcs in my head was far preferable to see than your run of the mill social worker. I did get to see the David Lynch security guard that went on a bizarre monologue about the missing teenagers poster the last time I was there and how they were all dead and what probably happened to each one and how many pieces the last one was found in. It made me smile. It pleases me to know that there is a truly warped person running security at Juvenile Court. Sparkly brown crazy eyes poking out of a white haired head with a twisted psycho-killer smile. The looks of which suggest he just narrowly escaped a career setting pretty pretty fires in the forest and masterbating to news reports while telling ghost stories to himself and putting dead squirrels into compromising positions. Instead someone gave him a diet of salads and scotch and got him a job as a civil servant. There is hope for us all. You too can find your calling. It all depends on who you know. Just think what might have happened if someone, somewhere along the way, hadn't touched your life at just the right time.
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Actually I've never been there.


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