May. 26th, 2002

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I said this to a friend of mine who is getting lots of action. Yes you rule. Now get over yourself.

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Okay. I'm not sure what I just did but while downloading a song I lost the LJ post I was just working on. Screw it.

Fell into a funk tonight. I've been funky for a couple of weeks now. The little things are breaking me right now. *crash*

Just having a difficult time dealing with life right now. If you were to see me out and about I'd probably say I was doing just fine. It's a pride thing.

I'm cold and my shoulders are tighter than I can remember them in quite a while.

Not only that but I'm listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler with Meatloaf doing backup vocals.

Somebody smack me.

I have supportive people around me and all I want to do is go hide.

I'm just angry. Angry. Angry. Angry. PISSED. I was ready to fight about 3am but nobody so much as looked at me funny. I just hate people some times.

Another morning up until dawn. Not even a good fuck would cheer me up. I just want to go hide.

Yes this is one of those "I'mhurtholdmenooneunderstandsmelifesucks" posts. Yes I'm okay with that. So what. I'm now listening to Lita Ford. I'm okay with that too.

Sometimes you just don't get the rolls.

I think I want to crawl into bed with my amazingly supportive and non-interfering workout partner. He has an amazing ability to not take my bitter black hateful moods personally, and he just sort of accepts me no matter what. He just stands by while I fall apart and makes sure I don't break anything expensive. I've noticed being allowed to feel what you're feeling makes it go away faster. Never had a significant other do that before.

I kind of want to crawl into bed with him. Knowing I can do this causes a small smile to reside on my face. That can't be bad. Anything making me even remotely feel happy right now must be an okay thing. I might feel better when I wake up. Then again I might not. No telling how long this mood will last. At least tomorrow is Sunday and Sunday means Karaoke with the Damned. Copacabana anyone? I've decided I'm taking pretty much any request tonight provided I've heard it before.

I'll be okay. I always am.


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