May. 13th, 2002

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Okay, it's been a really strange week. Not a bad week mind you just a strange week. Starting of notice maybe Wednesday? I havent updated this puppy lately items of note (to me anyway):

Wednesday: Can't remember what happened during the day. Oh yeah, had lunch at the Bellevue Hooters. I was scouting out job prospects as I kind of like tacky minimalist sex work. Hooters counts. Nobody gets naked but has a strip club feel to it. We ate wings and fries and I drooled over the Pacific Islander waitress. I want one. Received a moist towlette with the Hooters logo on it and the words "It's never tOO late to have a happy childhOOd." This pleased me greatly. Grabbed two of them to give out to just the right person in need of a smile. I have accomplished this.

Wednesday night: grabbed my workout partner and my lovely roommate and had dinner at Jack's. Talked about possible career moves, soul retreivals and other random shit (sex of course). Forwent the Vogue as for some reason goth music is driving me nuts and not inspiring me to do the Angry Divorcee Dance. I'm going to need to do this soon however as it's my cardio workout and I've been neglecting it for pool and sex. Exercise in itself but I do believe my workout partner is getting a bit more cardio out of it just by sheer mechanics. Not that I'm not an active participant, but hey, during my days of girls I wore a plastic penis and gained a newfound respect for men as I was dripping sweat and realizing I had lower abdominal muscles that I was not previously aware of. But anyway....

Got into a weird headspace playing pool, previously not experienced: KILL MODE. The lovely folks I play with on a regular basis have been competing in local tournaments and the atomosphere has gotten a lot more competitive. Therefore the only way to hold the table is to not let it go NO MATTER WHAT. This means making your shots, screwing your opponent with lousy leaves, and being extremely defensive and careful of cue ball placement. I've gotten tired of playing a game and then sitting down again for a full rotation. Besides which, my workout partner has gotten downright dangerous on the table and I especially want to beat him. This means I've been practicing and concentrating a lot more.

After losing the first game I played I went to go thrash around to bad eighties music for a while and came back to play again. I wound up running the table for over an hour and taking out a couple of ass weasels in the process. The last one was definitely upset about this. Shook my hand and slunk out of the pool room without signing up again. Ahhh... I love crushing ego sometimes. I may be a girl, but there are times I can kick serious butt. I just especially love taking out condesending wanks with the attitude of "Awwww.... How cute.... She plays pool. Suck my cock.

Came down from KILL MODE. Went home with WP, had sex and went to sleep. Good day.
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Thursday: Applied for a job at the Seattle Hooters. I must say the girls are much hotter in Bellevue. I may apply there as well. Went tooling around cue shops for no real reason. Fell for a moderately priced Lucasi. Decided that if the money somehow happened I should buy it, practical or not. Got in the mood to play pool but decided to hit a twelve step meeting for some reason. Picked one on First Hill. Got asked to chair it. Talked some shit. Got kind of bored. Didn't leave for some reason but I did go out for a smoke just before someone who drives me nuts and kind of creeps me out started sharing. Went out to smoke. Talked a bunch of shit about the person talking. Went back in just in time to get in a hippie huddle and pray. Hung around not quite knowing why when the guy I was talking smack about walked up to me and tried to hug me. I said "NO! I don't want a hug." He shrugged and went to shake my hand. As he did he asked me if I liked to shop I said sure who doesn't? He palmed me a bill which I didn't look at until he left. I took it out thinking it was a five or something. But no, it had Benjamin Franklin on it. No reason at all. Didn't owe me any money. Bizarre. There may be a Lucasi with my name on it after all.

Thursday night: Played pool at the merc for a while forgetting until about 1 am that I had to be at work at 10:30 the next day. Wasn't feeling good, was a bit dizzy for some strange reason. Went home to take a bath and rearrange my lovely roommate's stuffed animals into sexual positions in front of the mirror after having a water fight with bathtub toys which are in the bathroom for some reason. You just haven't lived until you've been squirted in the face with a rubber duckie. There was also a rubber shark which made delightful burping noises under water. This is what happens when you're overtired. Didn't get a whole lot of sleep the previous night and well KILL MODE actually wore me out. Went home with workout partner and proceeded to stay up even later well, um... working out. Unfortunately this led to 3.5 hours of sleep which leads us to.....

Friday: Went to work on 3.5 hours of sleep. Had customers that hurt my brain and made me want to crawl under the furniture right off the bat. It was a long day in that sort of sleep deprivation fog that under the right circumstances can be entertaining but in my case was just annoying. Workout partner picked me up, went to QFC for dinner and decided to nap before going out to the Merc. Set alarm for 12:15. Decided sleep was much more preferable to the club at this time and after exchanging profanities with the alarm slept until the next day which brings us to.....

Saturday: Didn't do much during the day stopped by another cue shop just because. Knocked a few balls around. Decided to go in search of Lucasi downtown. Got there 15 minutes after closing. I can wait. Went to the Continental greek restaurant for dinner in Zoo District. I used to frequent the place. It's the one place in the U-District that I have no bad memories of. Nothing bad can happen to you at the continental. I don't care where you are in life. It's a safe place to be. Good food and a family atomosphere. It was packed as there was some sort of giant private party for the whole freakin' family. Many accents were being thrown about. Apparently connected with the owners somehow. A group of fifteen came in to eat and were turned away. I felt happy even though it was noisy and, well, I'm not a member of a large greek family. Went to the club. Played pool more casually than on Wednesday and Thursday, went home with workout partner, rolled around and went to sleep which brings us to....

Sunday: Hey! that's today!
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I forgot. During the sleep deprivation fog we went to the drug store to stock up on supplies (I swear I need to buy stock in Trojan these days) and came across a display of musical hamsters.

To operate these musical hamsters you squeeze their paw. There are hamsters dressed in Kung Fu style gear. When you squeeze their paw they start singing "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting" and doing little karate chops while swinging a stick. Everyone should have one. I decided not to buy one in case it was just the sleep deprivation talking. I still want one but it's not the insane obsession it was on 3.5 hours of sleep so anyway... Oh yeah...

Sunday: Hey that's today. or it was. Mother's Day. A touchy subject for me for reasons I won't go into here. I only called home to talk to my offspring as the less interaction I have with my mother the better. I said to my mother, "thanks for keeping me alive long enough to become who I am." She said "Of course dear. You're um.... Special."

My mom called me "special". I want to cry now. I reminded her of what "special" meant in school and she stood by her statement. Sigh. Barbecued with workout partner's family instead of going home as well, I've been uninvited to family functions until further notice. It's strang to be around a family where everyone interacts and gets along with the parents. His parents are actually nicer to me than mine are. Go figure.

Sunday night: Karaoke With the Damned!!! Need I say more? I love my crazy friends. All of them. Now it's time to go run off with the workout partner who I'm quite attached to these days and I'm okay with this because he FUCKING ROCKS and I have absolutely nothing to complain about where he's concerned. Yay!!! This is so different. It still means I have to deal with snakes in my head and deal with my issues and well, concentrate on making my life better because I have no one sucking my soul. Had to do it sometime. Might as well do it now. I'm making some progress I think. I'd like to hold on to it. I am a constantly evolving human. I'm happpier now than I was a year ago and the year before that and so on. Thank fucking god. I used to be miserable. But my eyes hurt and I want to get laid. Goodnight.


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