Apr. 22nd, 2002

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Okay, I'm kidding. Please don't look at my penis. It's rather small and I have issues about it okay? Just because it's small.... so small. I'm hurt hold me.
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Oh yes. This feels really good. I'm getting my shoulders rubbed and this feels really good. Oh yeah. You can read over my shoulder any time as long as you're doing that. Ah yes. This feels really good. Ah yes.




Okay. Now, where



Oh yes, that feels really good. Oh you are so hired. No. Don't laugh. Rub shoulders.



Yes, I'm crazy. Yes that's part of why you like me. Enter

random comment...


Okay.. I sep


separated thoughts above. Now oh, go back to what you were doing before because that feels soooo... good. enter

Mmmm... even better. I like that...

Damn the shaking poodle.

No.. don't pet the poodle. Pet me. Oh but don't stop what you were doing. Ah, but you're so good with your hands. But okay, you've been working hard you can rest for a few minutes. You were doing that OTHER thing.... You could still do that. uh huh.. that's it.

Hey cool. I don't have to talk at all.
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Here's a rant about ass weasels:

Ass Weasels Suck. Die Ass Weasels Die. You know who I'm talking about. If you are an ass weasel you've somehow accessed this journal through accident. Or you're just snooping and you're someone I don't like. My friends are NOT Ass weasels.

How to tell an ass weasel:

1. I don't hang out with ass weasels. Anyone I'm hanging out with is exempt
2. I may be having a stupid heated conversation with an ass weasel. This does not constitute "hanging out"
3. Ass Weasels are synonymous with pandering eunichs
4. Ass weasels are also synonymous with knobs, scensters, phonies, bill collectors, stalkers, HR directors, meter maids, people who get kicked out of the Vogue for invading personal space, etc.
5. Ass weasels are the people on the dance floor with a whip hanging of their belt flailing around haphazardly grazing other dancers.
6. Ass weasels dance with cigarettes
7. Ass weasels think Peter Murphy is still god.
8. Ass weasels invade personal space. ALL THE TIME.
9. Ass weasels will hit on a girl while SHE is flailing around on the dance floor and then look hurt when they "accidentally" get kicked.
10. Ass weasels ask for cigarettes before saying hello
11. Ass weasels sometimes have mullets
12. Mullet wearing folks are almost always ass weasels
13. Ass weasels dance with their beer, spilling on and making the dance floor hazardous to folks who really want to and can dance
14. Ass weasels assume they can beat ANY girl at pool just because she is a girl and then make excuses for getting their weasel ass kicked. (i.e. too drunk, too distracted, bad table, etc.)
15. Ass weasels get drunk and make death threats
16. Ass weasels are just dumb.

More on ass weasels at a later date.
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So, I mentioned to someone in an ill-advised interaction that I'd read their LJ postings. They flipped out. I wasn't supposed to see that yet or some such nonsense. This person apparently forgot that anyone using this little forum can access just about anybody's journal fairly easily. What the hell did they expect? Aparently it was for me to read "when it was the right time" GAG ME with your flailing dramatic crap. Own it. Or don't post it. Thanks.
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Okay.... sometimes I get myself involved in stupid flailing drama for a few minutes. Feel free to call me on this shit. I just did. Hence the last post. I think I'm better for the moment. It's time to eat dead flesh anyway...


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